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Getting It Right At The Source

No matter how creative you are…

No matter how good your gear is…

No matter how long you spend editing and mixing…

Things will never sound great unless you get them right at the source.

Garbage in, garbage out is one of the most applicable phrases to apply to recording. “Fix it in the mix” has become a popular catchphrase as well, but I have no idea why, as it is almost always a misnomer. More often than not, attempts to make things sound “right” when they didn’t before will be futile. Spend time getting things right from the beginning and your job will be much easier and more rewarding. The quality of your source material is what will make or break your recording.

Heavy Editing

Great for musical styles requiring robot-like gatingbut not a good solution for sloppy playing
(image courtesy of Adam “Nolly” Getgood

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